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Vastu For Office

Every business aims for gains, and the five elements of Vastu play an essential role here. An office in harmony with vastu principals can do wonders for your business.

A particular kind of work requires a specific type of vastu. For example, for a real estate company, the west direction of the home is crucial, while for a Politician East direction of an office plays the most vital role.

So get the right kind of vastu done for your office to maximum ROI. Please send us your requirements, and our team will contact you back at the earliest.

Vastu Tips for Office

  • The office entrance is one of the most critical factors for success and growth. If it is in the wrong direction, it can be treated without demolition, using mahavastu techniques.
  • There should not be any Pole or obstruction outside the main entrance of the office as it can bring bad name to your business.
  • The bathroom should never be kept in the northeast direction, which is considered most auspicious in Vastu. If you have built a bathroom in this direction, you won’t get the expected results of your efforts.
  • There should be no sound while opening any of the doors. Keep them oiled.
  • Water tanks, water coolers,RO systems are best kept in the north portion, and avoid keeping them in the south portion of your office.
  • The owner should always sit above the person in front.
  • The place where the boss sits in the office should not have a window behind his back. According to Vastu, doing this is considered inauspicious.
  • The main table should be rectangular, and avoid semicircular, round, or oval-shaped tables.
  • Avoid piling up unimportant documents on the desk.
  • Do not use red colors in the north, as it can block opportunities and new clients.
  • Do not use blue or black colors in the south, as it can harm your reputation in the market.
  • There should never be a picture of violent animals, birds, crying humans, sinking ships, still water paintings, etc., in the office; this brings negative energy to the office and negatively affects the employees’ minds.
  • The office should be cleaned daily before the employees come in the morning.

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