Astro Vastu Consultant Online

Looking for an Certified Vastu Consultant online to make your home and office vastu compliant? 

You have reached the right place. 

Consult certified Acharya Mahavastu Expert online at the easy of your home. We do vastu without any structural demolitions, and by working on 5 elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space.

About Acharya Monica

Her journey as a astro vastu consultant began with training from the highly recognized and distinguished Mahavastu Gurukul under the guidance of the founder of Mahavastu, Shri K. B. Bansal. 

She has been providing vastu services for Corporates, Residential Houses, Commercial Establishments, for years and successfully solved problems of thousands of clients. 

You can avail her services in 2 ways: 

1. Online consultancy.

2. Site Visit.

Online Vastu Consultancy

Consultancy will be done through online medium like phone, emails, or videocalls for which we would require the following:

  • A floor plan with an accurate compass readings and complete address.
  • Photograph of your property.
  • Problems and concerns faced by client.

For Appointment

Call : +91-9818245656


You can also fill the form given below:-

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