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Vastu For Home

Are you planning to buy a vastu compliant home or make your existing home as per vastu then you have reached the right place. 

Often you would hear from property dealers that the home is vastu compliant, but unless you get it checked by a certified Vastu consultant how would you know? 

Home is the most important part of our life. A Home that is well balanced based on principals of Vastu Shastra, ensures health wealth and happiness for the inhabitants. Vastu is an art of balancing five elements (Air, Water, Fire Earth, and Space). Book a Vastu visit to get your home in harmony according to vastu.


Vastu Tips for Home

Tips to keep in mind while designing the entrance of the house:

  • Use good quality wood for the construction of the entrance door.

  • Avoid installing a shoe rack or dustbin outside the entrance.

  • Keep main door bigger than other doors of the home.

  • Avoid making bathroom near the main door.

  • The color of the main door should not be black.

  • The entrance should be well lit.

  • The door should be decorated with exquisite nameplates and auspicious symbols

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